Feline Dance Classes
Feline Dance Classes

Do I need to attend dance classes before I try dancing with my cat?

The short answer is "no" but a lot of cat dancers say that they found it very useful to receive tuition. One said, "you don't need to go to Yoga classes to do Yoga either, but it sure helps". Apart from the obvious benefits of learning the techniques from someone who's conversant with them, there's also the chance to pick up tips from other dancers and feel like you're part of a larger community. After all, dancing with our cats is something we really have to do alone and you can feel rather isolated at times. So its great to come to a class where you can meet others of the same persuasion, feel confirmed in your practice, and usually make new friends.

A Cat Dancing Class (video)
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How do I find a cat dancing class?

Even though it has a long history, cat dancing is relatively new to today's world, so you may have to ring around a bit before you find a dance studio that will offer cat dancing classes in your area. While the array of dance studios may differ in the classes they offer or the types of dance movement they emphasize, their natural enthusiasm for dance as an energizing process will enable all of them to provide cat dancing classes if they want to.

What should I look for in a cat dancing tutor?

Obviously you want a dance instructor who has a cat, has spent time dancing with it and knows how to help others interact with their cats through the dance. Often dance instructors who are familiar with Pilates, Feldenkrais, Tai Chi or Yoga may be more sensitive to the energy aligning aspect of cat dancing and it may be useful to aim your initial inquiries in that direction.

Do I have to take my cat to cat dancing class?

As most cats do not take kindly to a sudden change in environment, especially one where other cats may be present along with loud music and dancing, people do not bring their cats to class. Instead they use stuffed (toy) cats. Most dance studios that offer cat dancing classes require students to buy their own. You can expect to spend about $20 for a reasonable stuffed cat, but $50 will buy a top of the line, life-size bendable model that is perfect for most movements.

What can I expect from a cat dancing class?

Classes usually start with stretching and warm-up exercises that have a strong emphasis on breath and alignment. After this they'll move on to pre-dance energy aligning exercises (see FAQs) like remote stroking, mirroring and visualization. These are followed by dances where participants, using their stuffed cats, are shown the various techniques of holding cats while dancing as a first stage to dancing independently with the real thing. This will include shoulder dancing, chukra aligning dance, remote stroking dance, prone dancing, leg rubbing moves, and the basic cat step.

Even though you'll be going home and practicing these techniques with your cat alone, dance studios usually encourage some group choreography during instruction as a way of building a group energy and consciousness that helps students feel a valuable part of a universal movement. And, while group work is the only practical way of handling large numbers of people wanting to dance with their cats, you should nevertheless expect your dance tutor to allow time for individual tuition especially with the energy aligning exercises. Also, you should make sure you let your tutor knows the size of your dance space at home, so that the later, more advanced choreographed works you will be taught to develop, will be tailored to your space requirements.

Remember, cat dancing is a joyful, beautiful and healthful learning experience you can enjoy with your cat and we wish you and your cat well in your new found purpose together.




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