Scholorships and Research



The following research grants are currently available. Applicants should prepare detailed supporting material for consideration by the MONPA research grants committee in order to demonstrate an ability to:

  1. Undertake a study of the dermatology of the feline paw as it relates to the over-use of scented acrylics and resulting post-painting morbidity of the cuticle with a view to developing a paw protection device.
  2. Formulate an effective, non-toxic, and easily administered digestible florescent dye to enable owners to examine the nocturnal marks made by male cats during territorial spray marking activity, for examples of aesthetic intent.
  3. Observe the effects of DTE (direct to ear) pre-dance aural stimulation in the upper register on seven different breeds of cat with a view to developing a feline ³Walkcat®² device.
  4. Record video images of tropical fish schooling patterns on the Great Barrier Reef in order to study the degree of aesthetic communication.
  5. Consider psychomotor disturbances including cerebral dysphoria and cephalagia in immature Spanish cats following flamenco shoulder dancing.
  6. Develop an interactive exhibit for the new MONPA children¹s wing which uses stuffed cats to introduce young people to safe dancing methods.
  7. Undertake the collection and preservation of Road-runner (Geococcyx californicus) splays for the MONPA 2002 biennial Avian Dejecta exhibition in Riga.



The MONPA Scholarship Committee receive application materials from scholarship applicants, evaluate the materials and recommend to the whole department a pool of highly qualified applicants equal to at least twice the number of scholarships which are available for each scholarship fund. Each department then reviews the credentials of the pool of scholarship applicants, recommends the scholarship recipients, and forwards the names of the recommended recipients to the Receiving Committee of the MONPA Scholarship Board. These are then ratified by the MONPA Scholarship Committee and sent for final approval to the MONPA Scholarship Foundation. The Monpa Scholarship Board then awards the scholarships. Recipients are made aware of successful application by the each department¹s Applications Committee, except in the case of scholarships in Feline Aesthetics where they are notified directly by the office of the Dean of the Department of Non-Primate Art.

Application forms will be made available on this site as scholarships become available.


Endowed scholarships

Jack Jensen Scholarship Fund. Established in 1994 for veterinary students who have demonstrated an interest in and commitment to feline dance injuries.

Shawn Hazen Scholarship Fund. Established by the estate of Shawn Hazen Jr. for an Massachusetts resident with an interest in the pre-dance audio conditioning of dogs.

The Susan Haynes Scholarship fund. Established in 1986 to provide assistance to a deserving chemistry student who shows an interest in the formulation of non-toxic paints for cats.

Saralee P. Raadschelders Scholarship Fund. Established in 1993 under the will of MONPA employee and friend Saralee Raadschelders to provide scholarship assistance to students with an interest in the aesthetics of avian dejecta.

Michele Fuller Scholarship Fund established in 1996 by the estate of Michele Fuller to aid students at a School of Veterinary Medicine, with preference given to residents of Connecticut who demonstrate an interest in the physiological consequences of cat dancing.

Dr. John Davies Memorial Scholarship Fund Established in 1993 by Mrs. Anne P. Davies in memory of her husband, Dr. John J. Davies, to provide scholarship assistance to needy third or fourth-year veterinary students, with preference given to students intending to pursue a career in small animal performance art.


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