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MONPA organizes 4 research expeditions annually with funds made available by corporate or private sponsors who have an interest in the preservation, conservation and curation of all forms of non-primate art. All applications for sponsorship to undertake an expedition must be made two years in advance to the MONPA Sponsored Expedition Selection Panel.


Sponsored research expeditions approved for 2000

Big Cat Dance: $198,000
Curator, Heather Busch will undertake an expedition to East Africa to photograph tiger (Felis tigris) dancing at game parks in Kenya and Uganda. Sponsored by Tiger Palm Products Inc. Singapore.

Eagle Eloquence: $157,000
Ornithologist, Peter Hansard will undertake an expedition to collect rare Bald Eagle winter dejecta from the alpine areas surrounding Vale, Copper Mountain, Breckenridge and Aspen in Colorado, USA. Sponsored by Eagle Airlines Corp.CA.

Cat Charmers: $145,000
Biomusicologist, David Parsons will undertake an another seven month expedition to Tibet in order to work with the monastic cat charmers of Chokpuri and Lhasa. Generally, he will become more fully conversant with all aspect of Tibetan cat charming and specifically, he will record the 1,786 fundamental frequency variants of the bird-block and kitten bells. Sponsored by LEAP! Food for Dancing Cats Inc.

Alley Art: $245,000
Art Critic, Burton Silver will undertake an expedition to investigate the aesthetics of territorial marks made by domestic cats living in alleys adjoining top restaurant kitchens in Venice, Florence, Rome and Paris. Sponsored by The Anabel Langbein Food Group Ltd.


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