David Parsons, Composer and Musician
David Parsons, Composer and Musician


David Parsons

David Parsons


David Parsons has spent much of his life travelling to many distant and out of the way locations studying and documenting the music and sounds of some of the more obscure cultures on the planet.

His formal music training was in India where he began his lifelong study of the sitar and Indian classical music in general. This led to a deep interest in nearby cultures, particularly the many peoples that inhabit the Himalayan regions. This interest subsequently expanded to encompass all of the "Eastern" cultures.

In his own music he harnesses high technology while still maintaining the disciplines of Eastern music theories. This allows the ancient musics of the East to be heard in a form less "alien" to Western ears.

He has five CDs released internationally of his own music and around 35 CD's of traditional music he has recorded in the Middle East, Central Asia, the Indian Sub-Continent and South East Asia. His recordings have won several international awards.



The following CDs by David Parsons are released by Celestial Harmonies and Fortuna (a division of Celestial Harmonies), Tucson, Arizona USA.

Tibetan Plateau/Sounds of the Mothership


Yatra (double CD)

Dorje Ling Musique Mechanique (compilation CD with other artists)

Ngaio Gamelan



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